Coffee Beans

Coffee on the Peninsula

02 May 2023

Coffee has become somewhat of an art form in recent years. Specialty milks are becoming more popular, beans are now grown and roasted in particular ways in an effort to create unique flavours, baristas are seeking out specialist training to master the perfect brew and latte art is basically a competitive sport.

Like almost everything on the Peninsula, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting our morning coffee and below is a small list of just a few places we like to visit to indulge in our favourite morning ritual.

Commonfolk - Mornington

Commonfolk has always been about roasting and brewing extraordinary coffee and preparing delicious and nourishing food for the common person. We believe everyone deserves to drink ethically sourced specialty coffee.

The coffee at Commonfolk doesn't just taste good, it also does good. Sourced in a socially responsible and regenerative way. Paying better, investing in their producers, and committing for the long term so they can see their partners and the coffee industry thrive long into the future.

Commonfolk Mornington.jpeg

Little Rebel - Dromana

Little Rebel is passionate about bringing innovation to coffee. Little Rebel is a boutique coffee roaster that specialises in unique blends for the discerning coffee palette. They are specialty coffee roasters and are passionate about getting the most flavour and elegance from their coffee beans. Little Rebel makes a point of sourcing their beans from places where they are grown and farmed ethically.

Little Rebel Coffee.jpeg

Good Little Thing - Tootgarook

This cafe is full of sunshine, sunflower seedlings, single origins and sandwiches. Come for seriously yummy food (Many of the options are also Vegan) and coffee but stay for the incredible services which is always delivered with a smile and a positive message on your cup. Good Little Thing makes a point of focusing its positive energy on community and sustainability and provides the Tootgarook community with Progress Street brews without leaving a footprint on the environment.

A Good Little Thing.jpeg

Millers Bread Kitchen - Dromana

You know you're at Millers Bread Kitchen when you see the consistent swarm of people lining up out the front door. This creative bakery has a reputation on the Peninsula as the place to go for great coffee and amazing pastries and baked goods. They pride themselves on the ability to create imaginative and experimental food, which means, they do not have a menu, and it also means you will always be surprised by the choices on offer. In everything they make they use free range and local ingredients from around the Mornington Peninsula.

Millers Bread Kitchen.jpeg

Baked in Sorrento / Portsea

A list about coffee on the Peninsula wouldn’t be complete without mention of the delicious Baked in Sorrento and Portsea. Serving up scrumptious wraps, sandwiches, pastries, pies and the newest addition, coco flow, Baked In never disappoints.

Baked In Portsea.jpeg

Laneway Espresso Dromana

Hidden along the bustling Nepean Highway is another Peninsula icon. With its own quirky personality, Laneway Espresso doesn't just have great coffee it has a delicious menu too. Laneway is no stranger to the hustle and bustle, their baristas work double time to get you your delicious brew, featuring beans from Odyssey Coffee Roasters.

If you fall in love with Laneway and their coffee, which we are pretty sure you will, you can purchase the beans to take home with you and maybe one of their signature t-shirts or hoodies.

Laneway Espresso.jpeg